Q: How do Amazon coupons work?

A: There are different types of discounts on Amazon.

First one is the discount that is already shown on the product page. You don’t have to apply any special coupon or code because the discount is already applied.

Second one is the coupons shown on the product page. You have to check the box that says coupon available on the product page to apply the coupon.

Promo codes: These are what you put into the “Gift cards & promotional codes” section to get your discount. Usually, only one code is allowed per order. Therefore, please order code items separately to get the discount. These can be used by everyone. They are the short looking codes. (Example: DK3SMD4S). Usually, you won’t find these codes anywhere else as they are specially provided to us by different sellers.

Deal of the day: Amazon has featured deals daily. These deals last only for 24 hours.

Lightning deal: These are deals that only last for a couple of hours, or until they are all claimed.

Lightning deals: Some items are available for S&S, meaning you can select the quantity and the schedule of how often the product gets delivered to you. Often the first shipment of products we post have special offers. You are also able to cancel anytime.

Q: What other stores can we get coupons from?

A: Though we are more focused on Amazon exclusive codes right now, we will be expanding our coupons network to other major stores as well in the coming months.

Q: Why sometimes codes provided on the website don’t work?

A: All codes/coupons are time and quantity specific. Once the promotional quantities get sold out, you won’t be able to use the code anymore. The expiration of these codes is not in our hands, so they expire anytime ranging from a few hours after posting to lasting for many days.

Q: Are there any more features coming to the website?

A: In the coming months, there are going to be a lot of more features such as price tracker, mobile apps, browser extension, improved website design, deals from many many more stores. If you would like to add a specific feature, please do let us know using our contact us page.  Stay tuned. 

Q: Can we request a coupon for a specific product?

A: Yes, you can. Head Over to our contact us page to get in touch with us. We will try our best to find something for you.

Q: How does the upvote and downvote buttons works?

A: Upvoting and downvoting changes the sequence in the 'top deals' section. The more upvote, the higher that deal would be shown and vice-versa. To vote, you need to make an account on Mineclue.